Flood after Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Isabel - Thursday, September 18, 2003
Flood Crest - Noon Sunday, September 21, 2003

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The ferry after
Hurricane Isabel left.
Friday noon -- 4.7 feet.
The canoes survived
the rain and wind.
The Captain's Float didn't
fare so well. Two big
tree limbs crashed on it.
Will these two huge
limbs float away
in the flood?


The tables are roped together ... ... and roped to a tree so they ... ... won't float away in the
coming flood.

The canoes have all been
flipped to ride out the flood.
There's no telling what will
happen to the Captain's float
as the water rises.
The club canoes are
already getting wet.
The swimming dock and float
are tethered to big trees
but the lawn is gone.

More picnic tables are sinking ... ... in the afternoon sunlight ... ... of a perfect day.


Sunday Morning ... ... at the height of the flood ... ... the towpath landing is ... disappearing below the water.

The pull-rope is high enough
to clear the flood crest.
Canoes are floating
beyond the foliage,
and the canoe shed .


A large dead tree toppled
into the canal bringing down
branches of other trees
and the club's power line.
One day... ... The next Park Police guard the live wire
with a little makeshift fence
and an officer on duty.

The fiberglass pole just wasn't
up to the task when the tree
came down on its wires.
A hastily made sign warns
of high voltage danger.
Club members look up the path at
several more dead trees just
waiting their turn to topple.
Another dead tree at the top of
the path snapped off and crashed
into the undergrowth below.