1. Conduct on the Islands
Members and guests shall conduct themselves properly on the Islands, and in particular shall comply with the following rules:
  1. No person shall bring, possess, serve, or drink intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine upon the Islands. Any person who violates this rule or is intoxicated may be ejected from Club property;
  2. Gambling, archery, shooting, and the carrying of firearms are forbidden on the Islands. Fishing is permitted only in compliance with the laws of the State of Maryland;
  3. Members and guests are forbidden to have dogs on the lower island.
  4. No playing of amplified audio equipment shall be permitted on the islands unless approved for a large party by the members in meeting assembled.
  5. All members are required to remove any trash from club property that was produced from their visit to the Island.
2. Clubhouse Rules
Persons using the facilities of the club house shall be subject to the following rules:
  1. All club facilities shall be left, after use, clean and in their proper places, including dishes, kitchen equipment, game equipment, and furniture;
  2. Persons remaining overnight on the Islands shall not use the kitchen facilities between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, or make any avoidable noise in or near the club house during those hours;
  3. No person shall enter the club house or kitchen while wearing a dripping bathing suit;
  4. Persons remaining overnight on the Islands must sign the register provided for that purpose, and all beds and bedding, outside of tents, shall be stowed away by 9:00 am;
  5. No persons under twelve years of age shall use the pool table except under the immediate supervision of a responsible adult; any person using the pool or ping-pong tables shall return covers, balls, cues, bridge, rack and ping-pong paddles to their proper places;
  6. Personal property left in the club house or porch, outside the lockers, or other places designated for its storage shall be subject to removal and appropriate disposition by the Captain or the House Committee.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, deck, and toolshed.
3. Large Parties and Guests
A member is responsible for the actions of his or her guests, and at least one responsible person from a member family must accompany their guests at all times and assure that the guests observe all Club rules:
  1. A large party is a party with a guest list of 11 or more (who are not members of the Sycamore Island Club). Children five years or older shall be counted in determining size of parties. The maximum size of a party is 35 guests. A request for a larger party or event must be approved by the membership voting at regular meeting. The supervisor of Parties may require hosts to appoint assistants to assure adequate supervision of large events, especially those involving children. A memorial service held on the Island for a recently deceased member is not limited with regard to the number of guests;
  2. A regular member of the club may host a large party during a calendar year ONLY IF the regular member, in the period of time dating back to January 1 of the preceding calendar year, has performed at least three activities, selected in any combination, from the following list: (1) done a shift as a relief caretaker; (2) participated in at least one of the two workfests; (3) participated in a club-approved work assignment; or (4) attended at least one of the monthly meetings of the club.
         A senior member of the club may host a large party during a calendar year ONLY IF the senior member in the preceding calendar year has performed at least ONE of the four tasks listed above.
         Upon petition to the club at a monthly meeting, a member may be granted an exception from this rule if the member can show compelling reason why he/she was unable to participate in the preceding calendar year in the manner described by this rule.
         Current Officers and Supervisors of the club, and Officers and Supervisors of the club in the preceding calendar year, are not subject to this rule. Likewise, a memorial service held on the Island for a recently deceased member is not subject to this rule;
  3. Large parties on weekends will be permitted only on odd-numbered days of the month. A member wishing to host a large party on a weekend shall clear it with the Supervisor of Parties in time to be announced in The Sycamore Islander so that members are informed in advance. The only exception to this rule is the instance of a member memorial service;
  4. A member wishing to host a large party at a time other than on a weekend or holiday shall report it at least one week in advance to the Supervisor of Parties, who shall advise the Caretaker.
  5. The Supervisor, at the Supervisor's discretion, may refuse permission for the party if the Island would be unduly crowded. Large parties shall last no more than 6 hours and shall conclude by dark, unless it is an approved camping event or special arrangements have been made in advance with the Caretaker;
  6. Parties that involve overnight camping are expected to vacate the Island by 11am the following day. No guest shall remain on the Island overnight unless accompanied by a member;
  7. Reservation and use fees for parties from 11 through 20 guests (i.e., nonmembers) and for parties in excess of 20 guests shall be paid to the Financial Secretary or as directed by the Supervisor of Parties at the time of application for approval to hold a party. If the party cannot be accommodated, the fee will be returned but the fee is non-refundable if the party is cancelled by the host. The party shall not be considered to be officially scheduled until after the fee and signed Large Party Application are received by the Supervisor of Parties;
  8. Member hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests and assuring that each adult guest sign the sign-in sheet/Indemnification Form on the ferry before being permitted on the Island. Hosts are responsible for assuring that a parent of each guest child under 18 sign a Indemnification Form, and for presenting all such signed waivers to the Caretaker before the beginning of the event. The host shall indemnify and hold harmless the Club and its Officers, Directors, and members from any liability related to any guests of the host;
  9. Any member host who does not comply with these rules may have their party hosting privileges suspended for two years, or be subject to other sanctions approved by the membership voting at regular meeting;
  10. No more than one Large Party may be held on Sycamore Island per day;
  11. No member may schedule more than one Large Party at a time. If a member wishes to schedule more than one Large Party, the second party must be scheduled after the first party has been held.
4. Camping Rules
The following rules shall be observed regarding camping on the Islands:
  1. Overnight camping shall be coordinated in advance with the supervisor of camping (or in his absence, another officer) and the caretaker.
  2. Large Parties that involve overnight camping are subject to the provisions in Standing Rule 3, Large Parties and Guests.
5. Protection of Club Property
The following rules shall be observed for the protection of Club property:
  1. The breaking or cutting of trees, branches from trees, or shrubs, and the plucking of flowers is strictly forbidden except by the permission of the Captain or the Supervisor of Grounds;
  2. Life preservers, life boats, and fire extinguishers shall not be used or removed from the appointed places for any purpose other than bona fide emergency, except that practice with such equipment may be authorized by the Captain;
  3. Property of the Corporation, such as tools, furniture, and other equipment, borrowed by members or guests for temporary use, shall not be removed from the lower Island, and shall be returned in good condition to its proper place;
  4. Fires shall not be allowed on the lower Island except in fireplaces, grills or stoves, or by permission of the Captain;
  5. No person shall store gasoline, paint, ammunition, or other explosive or flammable article or substance on the Islands except by arrangement with the Captain;
  6. Any loss or damage of property or equipment belonging to the Club shall be reported to the Captain or the Caretaker; the member shall be fully responsible for any such loss or damage caused by the member or his or her guests.
6. Club Canoes and Boats
The Supervisor of Canoeing, with the approval of the membership, may purchase canoes or other boats for use by members and their guests. The following rules must be observed when using Club canoes or boats:
  1. Club members and guests use Club canoes or boats at their own risk.
  2. All persons using Club canoes or boats must wear an approved life preserver or personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.
  3. Club canoes or boats cannot be used if the river level is 5 feet or higher, or if the water temperature is below 55 degrees fahrenheit.
7. Waiting List Passes
Waiting list passes may be issued by the Membership Secretary to any person on the waiting list who has attended a formal club orientation and has paid the requisite waiting list pass fee(s). Passes may be issued at any time and are good for the calendar year in which they are issued. The cost of the pass is the same, regardless of the month issued.

Holders of such passes and members of their immediate families shall be entitled to the use of all facilities of the Island, subject to the Bylaws and Standing Rules, between November and April, inclusive, and from Monday to Friday inclusive during the remainder of the year, except for national holidays, and may pay an additional fee for the use of a canoe rack, if available. Waiting List Pass holders my bring up to four guests while visiting the Island. The Financial Secretary shall collect from each Waiting List Pass applicant, prior to issuance of the card, a fee equal to one-half the regular annual dues.

8. Penalty for Violation of Rules; Expulsion
A member who violates, or permits his or her guest to violate, any provision of the Bylaws, the Standing Rules, or any rule adopted by the members in meeting assembled, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct upon Club property, and such violation shall render him or her liable to expulsion, as provided by the Bylaws. Such misconduct shall be reported to any officer or director, for action in meeting assembled.

In the event a member holding a large party or camping event violates a written rule regarding parties, or a Standing Rule, or a Bylaw, and the Large Party Supervisor and the President determine that such violation does not warrant expulsion, then they may suspend that member's large party/camping privileges for up to two years.

9. Personal Property
Canoes, boats and all other personal property must be kept on the islands or attached thereto, entirely at the owner's risk, in places regularly assigned therefore, and only in accordance with the following rules:
  1. The Captain, any supervisor, or the Caretaker may move such property, for the protection of the persons using the Club's facilities, or for the protection of Club property;
  2. Any officer or member of the Club present at the time of immediate or threatened flood, fire, or other danger, or any person authorized by such officer or member, or by the Caretaker, may move such property to any place considered to be safe and may break or cut locks or chains or ropes if necessary to such removal;
  3. Such property may be disposed of at the discretion of the Captain if abandoned on the islands or if left on the islands more than thirty days after the owner's membership is terminated;
  4. Except as authorized in a, b, or c, above, no person shall use, move or damage the personal property of another without the permission of the owner;
  5. No liability shall attach to the Corporation or any of its officers, members, or employees for any loss or damage of such property resulting from any action authorized by a, b, or c, above, or from any violation of d, above, by any person.
10. Assignment of Boat Racks
All questions of priority or applications for assignments of racks or transfers in the canoe shed may be referred to the Supervisor of Canoeing.

Regular members, senior members, Waiting List Pass holders and honorary members are eligible for a canoe rack. Racks shall be assigned by the Supervisor of Canoeing on the basis of one rack per member, and in the following order of priority: a) Regular members, b) senior members, c) Waiting List Pass holders and honorary members.

Should there be any racks remaining after an initial one-rack assignment has been made, such racks may be assigned as second racks to the same classes of members, and in the same order.

At any time when the demand for racks exceeds the supply, the Supervisor of Canoeing shall make a rack available by bumping, in the following order, second racks assigned to honorary members or Waiting List Pass holders, senior members and regular members, then initial racks assigned to honorary members or Waiting List Pass holders and senior members.

A storage fee (payable annually, but pro-rated monthly as appropriate) shall be charged for initial racks assigned to senior members, Waiting List Pass holders and honorary members, and for second racks assigned to any class.

Members wishing to store boats outside the canoe shed shall do so only with the approval of the Supervisor of Canoeing and in areas designated by the Supervisor. For members holding assigned racks in the canoe shed, there shall be an annual user fee for such outside storage.

An assignment regularly made shall continue in force as long as the assignee is a member in good standing and has a registered kayak, canoe, or foldboat at the Island. Any assignee who sells, loses, or otherwise disposes of his or her canoe, kayak or foldboat shall promptly report this fact to the Supervisor of Canoeing.

Boats other than canoes, kayaks or foldboats shall be stored or moored only in locations approved by the Supervisor of Canoeing, and sails, leeboards, motors, and other canoe, foldboat or boat equipment shall be stored in assigned racks, in assigned lockers, or in such other locations as may be approved by the Supervisor and shall be removed at the Supervisor's request.

Canoes, boats, or canoe or boat equipment, left or stored in unauthorized places on the Islands may be moved at any time by the Supervisor of Canoeing.

11. Caretaker's Duties and Ferry Service
The Caretaker will perform such duties as may be directed by the Captain. The Caretaker may not be required to furnish service to individuals, such as moving canoes, boats, etc., when this will interfere with the Caretaker's official Club duties. No ferry service to or from the lower island shall be provided between dark and 9:00 am, except by special arrangement with the Caretaker.

12. Application for Membership
  1. Application forms for Club membership will only be received during the first quarter of each even-numbered calendar year, commencing on January 1 and ending March 31, or at any other time determined by the Club.
  2. An applicant shall fill out and sign an application form, for which there is no initial fee. The applicant’s year of birth must be listed for both spouses (or partners) as appropriate, and applicants must be at least 18 years old on January 1 of the year of application. The applicant is asked to provide the name and signature of one existing Club member as application sponsor. On the application form the applicant shall agree to conform to the Bylaws and Standing Rules, certify willingness to assist in the operation and maintenance of the Club, and acknowledge the dangers inherent in swimming and boating in the river. Applicants will be selected by lot, and those applicants selected will be required to pay an Application Fee prior to placement on the Waiting List.
  3. At the end of the application collection period, applications will be divided into two groups determined by their age on January 1 of the year of application. The first group will consist of applicants 40 years old or older (“Older Group”). The second group will consist of applicants 39 years old or younger (“Younger Group”). If the application is from a couple with ages that straddle the age divide, the couple’s application will be determined to be in the Younger Group. Applications from each group will be selected and ranked by lot within their group. An equal number of applicants from both groups will be accepted.
  4. It is the intent of the Club to maintain a Waiting List that will result in a wait of no more than four years. A Waiting List of 60 applicants is deemed appropriate to that goal. Therefore the number of applications to be accepted on the Waiting List is determined by the number necessary to bring the Waiting List back up to sixty (60) Waiting List applicants. After the applicants have been ordered by lot within each group, they will be selected for addition to the Waiting List in a process that alternates between each group, starting with the applicant in the first position in the Younger Group; the next position will be filled with the first applicant from the Older Group, and so on. This procedure will be conducted by the Membership Secretary in the presence of at least two Club officers and any other member who wants to be present. If either group has fewer applicants than half the required number of vacancies for that year, applications from the other group will be used to attain 60 waiting list applicants. After the selection process is completed, successful candidates will be notified they are on the Waiting List and where they stand in the Waiting List. At this point an Application Fee will be due within 30 days of notification of the selection. Applicants who do not pay the Application Fee will be removed from the Waiting List and the next applicant, as determined earlier by lot, will be added.
  5. Prior to Club admission, Waiting List applicants must become “Qualified Applicants” by completing the following: (1) attend a supervised Orientation sponsored by the Club; and (2) procure two letters of recommendation from existing members who are not immediate family members. (These letters of recommendation are from members other than the sponsoring member.) In the event that the time interval between a Waiting List applicant’s placement on the Waiting List, and being offered membership is less than one (1) year, the Waiting List applicant may be granted ninety (90) days to fulfill the requirements to become a Qualified Applicant, otherwise, Waiting List applicants who do not become Qualified Applicants by the time they are offered membership, will be removed from the Waiting List. A Qualified Applicant who is offered Club membership and declines the offer will be removed from the Waiting List. In the case of exceptional circumstances, a Qualified Applicant may petition the Club through the Membership Secretary to defer membership for a period up to two years from the date on which membership was offered. A Qualified Applicant who is out of the area at the time membership is offered, may begin Club membership as an Inactive Member pursuant to Bylaw 17, otherwise, will be removed from the Waiting List. New members will pay an Initiation Fee and pro-rata dues for the year of admission. Waiting List applicants shall receive The Sycamore Islander.
  6. Applications not accepted for the Waiting List that year will be discarded. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and reminded that they may reapply in the future.
  7. If an applicant on the Waiting List is a couple who become separated or divorced, each partner may remain a Waiting List candidate upon written request to the Membership Secretary, so long as a second non-refundable application fee is paid and so long as other requirements for Waiting List candidates are fulfilled. In the absence of agreement by Waiting List, the Membership Secretary shall flip a coin to determine the order of the partners on the Waiting List.
  8. Waiting List Applicants are expected to participate in Club events, such as workfests, relief caretaking and Club meetings. Waiting List Applicants may purchase a Waiting List Pass for use of the Club as provided in Standing Rule 7.
  9. A two-thirds vote of the members present at an official Club meeting and eligible to vote shall be required for approval for Club membership.
  10. Persons on the Waiting List prior to April 1, 2012, (the Old Waiting List) shall have priority for Club membership over subsequently selected Waiting List applicants, provided that those on the Old Waiting List may defer invitations to become full members until April 1, 2014. Thereafter those on the Old Waiting List will be required to accept membership when offered or be dropped from the Waiting List. Deferral of membership will not be permitted for persons on the new, post April 1, 2012, Waiting List.
  11. An applicant who assists in the operations and maintenance of the club by participating in an approved activity such as relief caretaking, a workfest or a commmittee, shall be eligible to receive a guest pass for each service. The guest pass shall entitle the person and up to nine guests to use the Island's recreational facilities for one day. The applicant must have attended a formal club orientation.
13. Reinstatement and Temporary Overages
A former Club member who had resigned in good standing and seeks reinstatement as a regular member shall follow the same procedure as a new applicant. However, the Membership Secretary and the members in meeting assembled may in their discretion consider his or her application before any other pending application and, if approved, it may become effective immediately.

An Honorary member who seeks reinstatement as a Regular member shall pay regular dues, but need not pay application or initiation fees.

An Inactive member returning to regular membership shall resume payment of regular dues.

In these three cases only may the limit on Club membership specified in Bylaw 13 be exceeded temporarily, and no new regular members may be accepted until the membership has reverted to less than that limit.

14. Use of Property
The physical property and facilities of the Corporation shall be used, operated, and maintained as a club for the members. The Club shall be for the use and benefit of the members and guests, subject to the Bylaws and Standing Rules.

15. Management of the Club
The management of the Club shall be the same as the management of the Corporate affairs provided by the Bylaws of the Corporation.

16. Duties of Officers
The officers shall perform the duties usually associated with the positions of similar designations, except as altered or supplemented below:

16A. President
Shall be chief administrative officer of the Corporation, and also Chairman of the Board of Directors, and specifically shall:
  1. Preside at meetings of the members or Board of Directors;
  2. Call special meetings of members or Board of Directors, as provided by the Bylaws;
  3. Sign jointly, with the Recording Secretary, in behalf of the Corporation, all contracts and other instruments in writing.
  4. With the Recording Secretary and Treasurer, have charge of and access to the safe deposit box of the Corporation.
  5. Have the authority to require that notice of new business be published in the Islander prior to voting at the next meeting.
16B. Vice President
  1. Assist the President when called upon to do so;
  2. Assume all duties of and authority of the President in the event of the President's absence or inability to act;
  3. Act in the capacity of President, with the title, "Acting President", in case of a vacancy in that office, until an election is held.
16C. Recording Secretary
Shall act as secretary of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors, and specifically shall:
  1. Through publication in The Sycamore Islander, or otherwise, notify each member, as required by the Bylaws, of all meetings of the members;
  2. Similarly, notify each director of all meetings of the Board of Directors;
  3. Keep a true record of all proceedings at meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors, in a minute book, and send a copy of the minutes to each meeting to the President and Editor of The Sycamore Islander not later than 2 weeks after each meeting;
  4. File with the minutes of each meeting all written reports submitted to such meeting;
  5. Submit to each regular meeting of the members the minutes of prior meetings of the members or Board of Directors not previously reported;
  6. Sign jointly with the President, in behalf of the Corporation, all contracts and other instruments in writing;
  7. Keep safe custody of the Seal of the Corporation, and imprint it where required;
  8. With the President and Treasurer, have charge of and access to the safe deposit box of the Corporation;
  9. File and preserve such correspondence and other papers as may be required for reference, submitting those of historical value to the newly elected Archivist on each January 1;
16D. Financial Secretary
Shall receive all money paid to the Corporation and deposit all receipts at least once each month in the Corporation's checking account, and shall:
  1. Keep the Corporation's financial accounts with all applicants and members;
  2. Keep the Membership Secretary and the Editor advised of any changes in the names and addresses of members;
  3. Report to the Treasurer all deposits in the Corporation's checking account;
  4. Report to each regular meeting of the members the total deposits during the preceding calendar month, showing totals for each type of obligation, including dues, application and initiation fees, contributions, and charges;
  5. Prepare and file an annual report for the twelve months prior to November each year;
  6. Bill new members for dues from the first of the month following the month in which elected to the end of the fiscal year;
  7. Act on inactive memberships in accordance with Bylaw 17;
  8. Send a bill annually to each member on or about the first of January, showing all dues or other money payable by the member to the Club;
  9. Maintain the current roster of members' work preferences and capabilities, and keep Supervisors informed thereof;
  10. File and preserve such financial records and papers as may be required for reference, submitting those of historical value to the newly elected Archivist on each January 1.
16E. Membership Secretary
  1. Ensure that the application form for membership in the Club is available for downloading from the Club website. Accept and retain properly completed and timely-submitted hard copy applications for membership. Acknowledge receipt of application and be available to answer questions from applicants about the application process.
  2. Pursuant to the process outlined in Standing Rule 12, at the end of each application period – January 1 to March 31 in even numbered years or as otherwise determined by the Club -- sort applications into two groups: the Younger Group and the Older Group. Applicants in each group should be rank ordered on a random basis in a procedure conducted by the Membership Secretary in the presence of at least two Club officers and any other members wishing to be present.
  3. Pursuant to the process outlined in Standing Rule 12, select applicants from each age group to fill vacancies on the Waiting List. Notify all applicants of their status, successful or unsuccessful, after the selection procedure, and inform unsuccessful candidates that they may apply again in the future. Notify the Club Financial Secretary of names and addresses of the new Waiting List applicants in order that the Waiting List fee may be collected.
  4. As membership vacancies arise, propose Waiting List applicants who have become Qualified, pursuant to Standing Rule 12(f), for Club membership in the order they appear on the Waiting List.
  5. File and preserve the applications that have been accepted for the Waiting List, as well as relevant correspondence and other papers or materials relevant to the membership process. Maintain until July 1, or until such time as directed by the President, the unsuccessful applications. Afterwards, unsuccessful applications may be discarded.
  6. Issue Waiting List Passes in accordance with Standing Rule 6.
  7. Keep a current list of members, updated in the database; ensure distribution to members a roster of all members, officers and supervisors in the Sycamore Islander's January edition.
  8. Review the references of each Waiting List applicant;
  9. See to it that a formal Club Orientation event is organized, publicized and conducted each spring to introduce the Club's events, procedures and rules to Club applicants on the Waiting List. Make a record of Club applicants who attended and ensure that attendance is properly recorded since attendance is a prerequisite for Membership.
16F. Treasurer
  1. Receive from the Financial Secretary reports of all money paid to the Corporation and deposited in its checking account;
  2. Pay by check all salaries, taxes, electric bills, telephone bills, other regularly recurring bills provided for by budget appropriations, and all bills ordered paid by the members in meeting assembled or by the Board of Directors;
  3. Upon election of the Captain, advance to that officer the amount of $200 to be used for expenditures specifically authorized by the members in meeting assembled or by the Board of Directors, and for miscellaneous expenses not in excess of one hundred dollars ($100) in any one calendar month, where material cannot be obtained on the Club's credit or where payment for services cannot await the preparation and delivery of a check by the Treasurer; and, thereafter shall make such further payments to the Captain, upon receipt of receipted bills paid by the Captain, as will restore the Captain's fund to a balance of $200; and shall collect from the Captain such balance as shall remain in this fund at the close of the Captain's tenure of office;
  4. Prepare and submit to appropriate officials all tax returns and make reports required by law;
  5. Make such transfers of funds from the checking account to the invested reserve as can be made without reducing the balance in the checking account below a reasonable minimum, and such transfer from the invested reserve to the checking account as may be necessary to keep the balance of the checking account at or above such reasonable minimum;
  6. Keep a record of all disbursements, in such form as may be approved by the Financial Committee, subject at all times to inspection by the President, the Board of Directors, or the Finance Committee;
  7. Present a written report to the members at each regular meeting, showing the bank balance and other funds under the Treasurer's supervision, or in the invested reserve at the beginning and end of the preceding calendar month and the deposits and disbursements during that month, such report to be filed with the minutes of the meeting at which submitted; each such report to show in a footnote the total deposits and any major disbursements subsequent to the last day of the calendar month for which the report is submitted;
  8. Prepare and submit any special financial report ordered by the members in meeting assembled, by the Board of Directors, or by the Finance Committee;
  9. Present an annual report to the members at the November meeting, showing deposits, disbursements, and opening and closing balances in the Corporation checking account for the preceding 12 months -- the Club's accounting year -- and the opening and closing condition of the invested reserve for the fiscal year;
  10. With the President and Recording Secretary, have charge of and access to the safe deposit box of the Corporation.
16G. Archivist
Shall receive and file records and papers of historical value on each January 1, and shall preserve all such records, reports, and papers in accordance with retention policies adopted by the members in meeting assembled. The archivist shall report to the regular meeting in February, report on the status of the archives and confirm receipt of all materials of the previous calendar year.

16H. Editor
Shall prepare and issue each month The Sycamore Islander, the official bulletin provided for by the Bylaws, which shall contain the Recording Secretary's official notices of meetings of the members or of the Board of Directors, the names of newly elected officers and members, amendments to the Bylaws or Standing Rules, the names of applicants for membership, the names of members admitted or separated, special notices ordered by the President or Board of Directors, or by the members in meeting assembled, a report of all important actions taken by the members in meeting assembled or by the Board of Directors, and all matters proposed for consideration at forthcoming meetings, including especially the annual budget, expenditures of more than $400 in excess of that budget, and disposition of Club property in excess of $1,000 in value, and news and other items of general interest to the members; and shall maintain a current mailing list and mail The Sycamore Islander to each member and applicant at his or her last known address, not less than five days nor more than ten days before each regular meeting. The Sycamore Islander may also be sent regularly to local libraries of record and to concerned public officials.

16I. Captain
  1. Be in charge of the Islands and the Corporation's property thereon;
  2. Be responsible for the enforcement of the Standing Rules and the preservation of order on the Island;
  3. Be in charge of the employees of the Club, with authority to hire employees, suspend them from duty, and discharge them with the approval of the members in meeting assembled or of the Board of Directors;
  4. Have general authority over and direct the activities of the Deputy Captain and the Supervisors of Clubhouse, Grounds, Canoeing, Swimming, and Carpentry and Painting;
  5. Receive from the Treasurer upon election the $200 fund provided by Rule 16F(c), and have authority to make expenditures therefrom, as provided in such paragraph, submitting paid bills to the Treasurer and receiving amounts to cover them and to keep a $200 balance in such fund, and shall pay to the Treasurer at the close of the fiscal year or of the Captain's tenure of office any balance remaining in such fund;
  6. Report to the members at each regular meeting any important activities.
16J. Deputy Captain
  1. Assist the Captain in the management of the Club property, enforcement of the Standing Rules, supervision of employees, and direction of activities in connection with maintenance and repairs;
  2. Be Acting Captain, with all the authority and responsibilities of the Captain, in the event of a vacancy in the office of Captain, or in the absence or disability of the Captain;
  3. Serve as Chairman of the Safety Committee.
16K. Supervisor of Canoeing
  1. Have charge of the canoe house, canoe racks, club canoes and other club boats, canoe landings, and boat landings, moorings, and storage;
  2. Maintain a register of all canoes and boats kept at the Island by members;
  3. Assign canoe racks to members having registered canoes at the Island, and keep a current record of such assignments;
  4. Assign canoe racks to members having more than one canoe, provided there are unassigned canoe racks, and inform the Financial Secretary of any money due the Club for such rental for the extra rack, and maintain a roster showing the order in which extra racks are to be relinquished equitably in the event a new demand arises from members entitled to an initial rack;
  5. Require holders of the extra canoe racks to remove their boats, in the order established, when a member without a rack requests a rack assignment;
  6. Assign a storage space and moorings for boats other than canoes, and storage space for masts, lee boards, motors, and other boating equipment;
  7. Promote safe canoeing generally;
  8. Serve on the Safety Committee.
16L. Supervisor of Swimming
  1. Have charge of the swimming landings, swimming floats, life boats, life rings and other life-saving apparatus;
  2. Promote safe swimming generally;
  3. Serve on the Safety Committee.
16M. Supervisor of Camping and Parties
  1. Have charge of and schedule camping and large parties on the Islands;
  2. Notify the Financial Secretary of any money due the club for large parties.
  3. Prepare a report for the January meeting of all Large Parties held during the past year with Date, Member Name and the Number of guests for each party, with the total number of parties held to be included in that month's meeting minutes.
16N. Supervisor of Carpentry and Painting
Shall have charge of and supervise all carpentry and painting in connection with Club property.

16O. Supervisor of Finance
  1. Audit the accounts of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary for the accounting year, which is the 12 months preceding November 1, and present a report of such audit, together with a proposed budget for the new year, to the members at the December Meeting; the audit to follow procedure approved by the members;
  2. Present at the December meeting a balanced statement aimed at helping members decide the appropriate level of dues and financial reserves for the coming year;
  3. Make a special audit and report any time when so ordered by the Board of Directors or by the members in meeting assembled;
  4. Advise the President, Board of Directors, and members generally concerning financial matters.
16P. Supervisor of Law
The Supervisor of Law shall serve on the Safety Committee. In addition, the Supervisor of Law shall:
  1. Render a written opinion upon any disputed interpretation of the Bylaws or any rule adopted by the members, when requested to do so by the President, the Board of Directors, or the members in meeting assembled;
  2. Advise the President, Board of Directors, and members in meeting assembled, on legal matters important to the Corporation.
16Q. Supervisor of Clubhouse
  1. Have charge of and supervise the maintenance of all furniture, furnishings, and equipment, subject to the general responsibility of the Captain with respect to Club property;
  2. Be responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of the interior of the clubhouse and porch;
  3. Assign lockers and keep a current record of such assignments;
  4. Notify the Financial Secretary of any money due the Club for damage to property, etc.
16R. Supervisor of Entertainment
Shall promote and supervise Club social, educational and cultural activities.

16S. Supervisor of Grounds
  1. Have charge of and supervise all landscaping and maintenance of the grounds, lawns and walks, trees and shrubbery on the Islands;
  2. Serve on the Safety Committee.
16T. Supervisor of Relief Caretaking
  1. Call, coordinate and schedule volunteers to serve as relief caretakers for the weekend day off of the regular caretaker;
  2. Inform relief caretakers of responsibilities of duty;
  3. Submit a list each month to the Sycamore Islander of the members so scheduled.
16U. Supervisor of Website
  1. Administer all aspects of the club's website with regard to website hosting services, Internet authorities, Internet Service Providers and the like;
  2. Maintain the club's website with timely information regarding large parties, articles, minutes of monthly meetings (excluding sensitive information) and relief caretaker schedules;
  3. Work with the Archivist to present as much information as can be reasonably maintained of historical value in digital format for easy access by members;
  4. Make other general information available on the site for the convenience of members such as locker and canoe rack assignments, and procedural information such as application for membership and large party application requirements.
17. Duties of Committees
The committees shall perform the duties usually associated with committees of similar designations, except as altered or supplemented below:

17A. Nominating Committee
Shall submit to the Editor for publication in the November issue of The Sycamore Islander, the names of its slate of eligible members recommended for election as officers. Other nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

17B. Safety Committee
  1. Promote safety on all activities of the Club;
  2. Make recommendations to improve the safety of the Club's premises, and implement all measures adopted by the membership to improve safety throughout the Club.
17C. Personnel Committee
  1. Review the terms of the annual caretaker employment contract;
  2. Conduct an annual employee review with the caretaker prior to the December meeting;
  3. Submit a recommendation at the December meeting concerning conditions of the caretaker's employment in the coming year;
  4. Compare and review health insurance providers' offerings each year to determine the club's level of health insurance coverage for the caretaker.
18. Dues and Fees
Dues and fees shall be established by the members in meeting assembled, after prior notice of proposed changes has been published in The Sycamore Islander.

19. Procedural Rules
In addition to the requirements of the By-Laws, the Annual Meeting, Regular Meetings, and any Special Meetings of the membership and meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with Procedural Rules adopted by the members in meeting assembled. The Recording Secretary shall maintain the official copy of the Procedural Rules. The Procedural Rules shall be made available to members through posting on the website. The Procedural Rules shall be considered as Standing Rules for purposes of the By-Laws and may be amended in the same manner in accordance with the same procedures as the other Standing Rules.

20. Special Voting Procedures
These special voting procedures shall be used where a proposed action of the Club involves (a) a commitment of $20,000 or more for capital projects on the Island; (b) entering into a loan agreement, whether with a commercial lending institution or with members or other individuals; (c) the imposition of a building fund assessment or other special assessment over and above the annual dues, or (d) an increase in dues other than an increase approved at the December meeting.

Voting on the proposed action shall take place at the regular meeting and on one or more additional dates and times prior to the next regular meeting, which dates and time shall be established by the President with a view to providing members with a convenient opportunity to vote. If possible, the Island shall be the place at which additional voting will be held. The dates, times, and places of additional voting opportunities shall be published in the Islander. Voting shall be conducted by paper ballot with appropriate procedures to ensure that members do not vote more than once. The ballots shall remain sealed and shall not be counted until the voting has been completed.

21. Amendments
These Standing Rules may be amended by a majority of the members present and eligible to vote at any regular or special meeting, the notice of which has shown to be a purpose of the meeting.