Hosting a Large Party

A Large Party (any invited group of over 10 guests) is one of the many delights of membership of the Sycamore Island Club. It is also the subject of continuing controversy as the club tries to balance use of the Island by individuals for relaxation and retreat, with the recreational demands of Large Parties. To see what members' attitudes are regarding Large Parties at Sycamore, look over the latest Large Party Survey.

Before giving a Large Party, read Steps for Scheduling a Large Party. (These instructions also include a Large Party Application and a Child Liability Release Form that you can print out.)

The Caretaker shouldn't be taken for granted in the case of Large Parties. Even after filling out the forms and the other tasks required by the club to host a large party, a "heads-up" call should be made to the caretaker a day or two before the large party, especially if you're planning a weekday large party that does not appear in the monthly newsletter. Remember also that it is considered a courtesy to the caretaker, and/or fellow-member weekend caretakers, to provide some or all help with operating the ferry during a Large Party.

A copy of the DIRECTIONS TO SYCAMORE ISLAND is also handy for guests.