Wednesday -- February 13, 2019
Water Level at Little Falls: 5.8     Water Temperature: 40

The ferry is closed and will be closed the rest of the week.

The sweetest thing happened to me last Saturday. I found a Valentines Day card on my windshield. It was from a young Sycamore Island waitlister. I guess she came to find the ferry closed and left me the card. So thoughtful, Thanks Eva! And Happy Valentines Day

Speaking of St. Valentine. Our resident geese have paired up and are now looking for suitable nesting spots. Let's hope that they have better luck with their eggs and hatchlings this year. Last year one goose sat on a nest for months and the eggs never hatched.

Sunday -- February 10, 2019
Water Level at Little Falls: 5.7     Water Temperature: 40

There aren't too many birds out there this morning, but last Sunday we woke up to an exciting array of avian visitors. It's too bad that there wasn't a winter bird walk planned for last Sunday, it would have been a barn-burner. First we saw a group of ten or so hooded megansers that are so splendidly bedecked with colorful feathers that they look as if they were made of painted porcelain. There were ring-necked ducks, there were pied-billed grebes and there were scaups. We saw buffleheads and the rarest visitor of all was the canvas back duck. It's very distinctive with it's large brown head and bright white body, which is larger than most ducks. I got a very close look at it when I went to answer the ferry bell and the canvas back came splashing out from under the dock when I got there. Scare the living day lights out of me. I thought that the canvas back would be a one-day visit but surprisingly that duck and at least one other canvas back, have been hanging around here all week.

The other development in our Island bird life is that the geese are now pairing up and have begun to look for nesting spots on the Island. I also noticed that the red-shouldered hawk has begun to build a nest in the large sycamore next to the bird feeder. There are a few large sticks in place but not a lot of activity there yesterday. Maybe the hawks changed their minds about nesting here.

Friday -- February 8, 2019
Water Level at Little Falls: 5.0     Water Temperature: 40

The ferry is closed, probably for the whole weekend.

But, I did get my internet back, so that's good. We were without the World Wide Web for exactly three weeks.