Tuesday -- November 14, 2017
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.7     Water Temperature: 46

We had a fun and successful workfest here on Sunday, even though less than 35 people showed up. We guessed that the low turnout was due to the cold weather or maybe people really depend on that reminder-email that did not go out this time. If you missed the work day, not to worry, there are still a lot of leaves to rake and if raking isn't your thing, I have many other little fix-it jobs that still need to be taken care of. Just send me an email at

Friday -- November 10, 2017
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.8     Water Temperature: 54

The workfest is this Sunday!! It might be a little cold but at least it won't be raining and the river won't be too high.

We could also call it a raking fest but his year there will be fewer leaves to rake. It seems like there are so many leaves that are still on the trees. The Mulberry leaves and most of the silver maples are actually still green. Not to worry, there will be many other tasks that we can tackle.

By the way, you might not receive an email alert about the workfest, it seems that something is wrong with the Club's server and Tryon may not be able to send out the alert.

The monthly Club meeting was last Wednesday, and once again there were not enough members present to have a quorum. I can't remember the last time that we had a quorum, it's been months. Luckily there is no one waiting to get voted into the Club. The next meeting will be on December 13 at Vicky Judson's house. Please try to attend.

One last note. Since the weather has turned chilly and the river is now below 55, it is against Club policy to take out a Club canoe or kayak.

Tuesday -- November 7, 2017
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.4     Water Temperature: 57

The Old-timer's picnic was canceled yesterday, but sadly the word did not get out and there were a few people that showed up at the Island hoping to get fed. It seems that dissemination of information continues to be a problem for this Club.

I tried to visit the bottom of the Island yesterday but those two mating deer were still there staring me down. They didn't seem afraid of me at all and I was getting tired of them keeping me from making my rounds. Since my shouting and waving wasn't scaring them off, I decided to up my game. I went in the house and got the firecrackers that I had leftover from July 4th. Once the banging started, they started to move and I followed them to the top of the Island lighting firecrackers all the way. Soon they were swimming in the river and the last sight I had of them was them bounding into the brush on Ruppert's island. Good riddance.

Monday -- November 6, 2017
Water Level at Little Falls: 3.4     Water Temperature: 57

The Old-timer's picnic that was planned for today has been postponed again. They decided that the weather was too iffy to have a successful picnic so it has been pushed back until next Spring sometime. Such a bummer, I was all ready with my snare drum and cymbal to do the punch-line crashes for all of the jokes that the old-timers were planning to share.

These deer seem happy here and they don't seem to want to leave. We saw them again last evening but could not convince them to swim away, they just ran around us to the other end of the Island.

Speaking of postponing, it looks like it might be a bit cold and rainy on Sunday for the workfest but I say we plan to carry on as planned. See you here on Sunday!

Thursday -- November 2, 2017
Water Level at Little Falls: 4.4     Water Temperature: 54

The ferry is open again but the river is still really cloudy and brown.

I took advantage of the high water and I pulled the docks in as far as I could drag them. Might help come workfest day. I pulled in the docks in best I could using my bare hands but the real story is how Stan was able to use his grip hoist to pull the captain's float out of the river in one piece, all by himself! It took Stan a couple of day to have everything set up but once everything was in place he was able to hoist the dock up the bank one inch at a time until he had it safely up on high ground. Truly miraculous and it's going to make the workfest day so much easier. Thanks Stan!

So I was getting everything tied down for the approaching high water on Tuesday and I wanted to go down to the fish camp and secure my solar lights and stuff. I started to trot down there when I noticed in the path ahead of me was a deer. We were running single file down the path until it bolted to the right toward the Virginia side of the Island. That's when I noticed that there was another deer still on the path ahead of me. I decided to give chase and maybe scare that deer off of the Island. I was about 100 feet from the clearing at the bottom of the Island when that deer stopped running and turned to face me. It was a large buck with a 10-point rack of antlers and it did not seem afraid of me at all. In fact it looked a little mad. I think I may have come between him and his mate and he was looking to see where she went. I tried to shew it off by waving some branches but that seemed to have the opposite effect and the buck started taking steps toward me. I decided that I did not need to retrieve my solar lights right at that moment and I started to back away feeling very nervous about turning my back on this unpredictable, rutting buck. I made it back to the canoe shed when all of the sudden another deer, a female, came charging through the trees, racing to the top of the Island. Soon afterwards, that big buck was crossing the boardwalk by the ferry, slowly walking and sniffing the air where the doe had just passed. I tried shouting at it but it was useless, this buck was oblivious to it's surroundings, only focused on that doe. I figured that it was safe now to go back down to the bottom of the Island and as I headed down there a third deer ran by me and dashed into the river. Must be rutting season.