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Standing Rules Archives

Since the late 1990s, coinciding with the birth of the club's website, any changes to the Standing Rules were published immediately on the Sycamore Island website by making the changes to the website version directly. Because this was done in a timely manner and to good effect, the website version of the Standing Rules slowly became the official version, supplanting the Recording Secretary's paper copy official version, which stopped being maintained at all (see Standiing Rule 19. Procedural Rules).

The evolution of the Standing Rules has never been any sort of priority of the club, which accounts for almost no recordation of the changes made to them in the entire history of the club. This is something of a shame since the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are dynamic documents that are constantly being modified by club members at monthly meetings.

In an effort to record changes to the Standing Rules going forward from 2013, a yearly end-of-year "snaphot" of the Standing Rules will be stored in these archives, along with attendant text highlighting any changes made that year. It is hoped that such a record will benefit the membership in the future, when looking for precedents from the past.