July 1994

Summary of Results

[These survey results are from the September, 1994 issue of the Sycamore Islander.]

How often did you visit the island last year?
1-5 (16)
6-10 (12)
11-20 (13)
more than 20 (6)

When did you visit?
Spring (20)
Summer (34)
Fall (25)
Winter (1)
Weekends (15)
Weekdays (20)

Canoe (33)
Swim (22)
Bird/nature watch (19)
picnic (17)
Relief caretaker (11)
fish (9)
meeting (7)
work (5)

Length of visit:
1-3 hrs (34)
3-6 hrs (13)

Reason for visit:
Relax (45)
Solitude (24)
Escape daily routine (24)
Be with family & friends (21)
Exercise (10)

Visit was with:
family (26)
friends (15)
alone (11)

Reasons for joining club:
Canoe (16)
use river (9)
natural setting (6)

Like most about the club:
Convenient (8)
Natural beauty (8)
Quiet (7)

Like least about the club:
nothing (8)
toilet/lockers (8)
large parties (6)
trail access (4)

Like to change about the club:
nothing (8)
limit large parties (6)
more events to foster community (4)

Priority for maintenance:
bathrooms (13)
lockers (8)
caretakers quarters (4)
erosion (2)

Vision for the future 10, 20, 50 years:
the same (13)
as is (9)
about the same (6)
(many variations, but virtually no support for change)

Level of use:
too low (9)
too high (1)
about right ( 31)

Policy review:
large parties (14)
alcohol (7)
membership (7)

Have parties interfered with your use of island?
Yes (17)
no (28)

Responsible for safety:
individual members (34)
club (6)

Provide access to the river (42)
preserve and protect (42)
Provide opportunities for use (25)
promote environmental awareness (17)

access to river was rated #1 by 27, preserve and protect #1 by 14.

are about right (34)
too high (8)
too low (5)

Why do you choose Sycamore Island instead of other recreation opportunities?
Convenient (28)
Private (9)
Quiet (9)

The survey results have been tallied and the following summary is based on responses from 51 members. We also received responses from 10 waiting list people that will be counted separately, but most of these responses were remarkably similar to those from current members. Please note that some people only answered parts of the questions and the summary reports only the most frequent responses. This summary does not pretend to be an exercise in statistical precision, but it does give a pretty clear picture of the weight of opinion on various issues. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond; all of the comments have been read and your opinions count!

During the September meeting we can discuss how we should interpret some of the findings from the survey. One possibility is to use the results to craft a statement of club purpose and mission that might help guide decisions on several pending issues including large parties, conservation easements, membership policies etc. As noted in a previous Islander, the general conclusion from the survey is that most members want to keep the club and the Island as it is now. There is support for minor improvements in maintenance and updating some policies about use of the facilities, and lots of strong feelings on each side of almost every issue.

-- Warren Brown