Vegetable Stir Fry

Serves 10-12 as a side dish.

Submitted by Ed Gero


1 medium zucchini4 cups water
1 medium yellow squashOlive oil
1 red bell peppersalt
4-5 small carrotspepper
3-4 medium celery stalksdried sweet oregano
1 package sliced mushroomssoy sauce
fresh gingerMirin (sweetened sake)
1 large onionKikkoman Stirfry sauce
2 Cups Short Grain Brown Rice (uncooked)

Cooking Instructions

In a medium sauce pot place the rice and the water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cover for about 40 mins. (You may want to put in a chicken boullion cube for flavor.) While the rice is cooking, prepare your veggies for stir frying by cutting and placing in a large container for later. Cut the onion into eighths for nice size wedges. The zucchini and squash are cut first lengthwise and then sliced on the diagonal french style. The pepper is quartered, cleaned, sliced into strips and diagonally sliced. The carrots and celery are also cut diagonally and all placed into the container.

When the rice is done (check by tilting the pot to see if any of the water remains) remove from the heat and take off the lid so it can dry a bit. Stir the rice to fluff it a bit.

Now stir fry the rice. Heat a clean wok (or large skillet) and when hot pour in put in about 1/4 cup olive oil. (Optional: also drop in a dollop of butter or margarine). Dump in the rice and stir to coat the rice with the oil. Stir the rice from time to time to toast it a bit. While frying add tamari and mirin to keep moist. You don't need too much, but enough to keep the rice from sticking. When finished place the rice in a large serving bowl with room to accomodate the veggies too!

Clean the wok. Pour in some cold water while wok is on the stove and scrape off the sticky bits and any of the liquids that have carmelized. Remove the wok from the heat and wipe clean with a moist cloth of paper towel.

Now the veggies. Reheat the cleaned wok, pour in cold oil and toss in all the veggies except the mushrooms. Stir to coat with oil and stir fry to the veggies are heated through and cooked "al dente". Season with salt and pepper, tamari and grate in the fresh ginger to taste while cooking. Just before the veggies are done, pour in the mushrooms, some of the stir-fry sauce or the teriyaki and stir and simmer for another minute or so.

When done place the veggies on the bed of rice with a slotted spoon. The sauce can be served on the side.

If you want less, cut the rice portion in half but not the veggies. You can adapt this to a main dish by taking two chicken cutlets, cutting them into bit size chunks and stir frying in oil, salt and pepper before the veggies, removing them and then re-adding with the mushrooms at the end.