Notes from the Island
May 1992

The Island flooded in April. The water rose to 9-10 feet, almost to the canoe shed. The river has subsided and now there are prints of geese, sandpipers, raccoons and beavers in the deposited mud and silt.

It was painful but I did mow the fading bluebells, star of bethlehem, trout lilies, and violets in the lawn. Now the air smells of garlic and cut grass.

There is a nice wildflower patch near the swim float and volleyball court. The beavers have removed some of the trees, which allows more light to get through. The daffodils and bluebells have passed, but the wild blue phlox, golden alexander and golden ragwort are in full bloom.

Holly and I are getting hummingbirds and goldfinches at the feeders. Margaret Herring says the orioles have returned to Brookmont. A white domestic duck appeared after the flood and was trying unsuccessfully to make friends with our geese. Maybe it will stick around for awhile.

Before the flood the Canada geese had started their nests on the small islands nearby. However, the rising water interrupted their plans and I don't know how this will affect the 1992 birthrate. I imagine geese have dealt with Spring flooding before and they'll cope somehow.

We had a pleasant Workfest and now the Island looks nice. We're almost ready for the new season. The plumbing has been turned back on, but the filter broke and the water is not potable at the moment.

Please come and enjoy the Island, but remember that May and June tend to be large party months. You might want to check the calendar or give a call before you come.

-- Peter Jones, Sycamore Island Caretaker