Notes from the Island
March 1992

Yellow crocuses are blooming near the screen porch and the purple shoots of the bluebells are emerging from the earth. The daylilies, daffodils and amaryllis are also poking green leaves up through the soil and the spring beauties should be out soon.

Today while canoeing I chased a kingfisher up the canal and then I saw my first great blue heron of the year standing in the shallows below Minnie's Island. And of course the seagulls are still sitting out on the rocks and floating on the river while mallards hide near the small islands above Ruppert's.

Jack Colwell reports seeing Tundra swans up at Great Falls. Each spring these large, elegant birds stop on Broadwater for a few days on their way to the Arctic for the summer and it is a spectacular sight to see them spread their wings and take flight.

Our hybrid goose is not hanging out with the two white geese much. He seems to have found a pair of Canada geese more to his liking. Actually I suspect he likes the female and wishes the male would disappear.

February has been another mild month and last weekend was remarkably busy with members taking advantage of the balmy weather to come and visit the Island. Al Brown and Marty Burgess even hosted a small birthday party.

The flowers will start to bloom in March and the Island should be beautiful. However, spring is also the high water season and you might want to call ahead to make sure the club has not been closed due to flooding.

-- Peter Jones, Sycamore Island Caretaker