Excerpts from Club Meetings

May 14, 1917
Isaac Johnson, who has so satisfactorily janitored the Club during the last four years, having resigned on account of illness, a new Janitor -- John Noonan -- was this day installed. (Minute Book, p. 139)

June 11, 1917
Crew Captain Geo. J. Schladt reported that among the canoeing events of the regatta of May 30, when the Intercanoe Clubs Association was held off Sycamore, the club's representatives were conspicuous, as follows:

W.T. Conboye took second place in the tail-end race.
Geo. J. Schladt took second place in the junior singles.
Geo. J. Schladt, W. T. Conboye, C.N. Kyle and P. H. Cathcart took first place in the intermediate fours.
The same crew took second place in the club fours.

Other and subsequent events hinging on this unforgettable day of high water and canoe stunts were: The autocratic position assumed by the then janitor, John Noonan -- who in lordly manner directed the transportation of water from the Virginia spring; observed with critical eye the ferrying to and from the island of guests by members of the club; and with much ado elaborated upon the arduous duties of the janitor. He later attempted to cross the river, but, unable to manage the boat, jumped overboard and swam ashore, abandoning the club's rowboat to the mercy of the rocks at the brakes of the feeder at High Island; he was later, by the grace of Mr. Boswell, marooned on the island, reaching a climax by making a thrilling escape therefrom presumably on Monday, the 4th day of June. The island was unjanitored until the following Saturday, when Treasurer Thomas enlisted the services of Jimmy Hawkins, and detailed Miss Johnson to see that he was duly installed, and she made a record in doing so. The rowboat was later salvaged by Boswell, at the cost of $5.50. (p. 141-143)

September 10, 1917
The membership committee reported favorably upon the application for membership of Hon. Leo S. Rowe, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and recommended that he be duly elected, which action followed. (p. 152)

September 9, 1918
Mr. Dent acting in place of the Treasurer (who had been drafted) reported that the general account stood overdrawn and a balance of $300 on reserve.

Reported that Capt. Schladt had been drafted. No one was appointed to fill unexpired term. (p. 183)

November 11, 1919
Captain Johnston reported the resignation of Admiral Geo. Dewey from his employment as caretaker at the club, and the said resignation was approved, also that the successor's name was Madison Washington, who, in addition to bearing the names of men famous in U.S. history, was said to be a cousin of another who, though in a smaller sphere, had covered himself with glory -- the late Isaac Johnson.

This experiment is going on duty Nov. 20. Prior to Admiral Dewey's escape he had burned the leaves on the island in order to clear it up. The club house was not burned. (p. 187)