The Inter-Club Canoe Association
and the Canal

The Sycamore Islander
July 1922

[Editor's Note: The following article was contributed to The Islander by Mr. Webb several months ago but was not printed in view of the scarcity of water in the canal. We publish it now in the hope that the canal will be filled at some early date, for, as Webb says, the distances given in the table are good only when the canal is flooded. With the canal in its present condition those figures, at least for canoeing, should be multiplied several fold.]

The Inter-Club Canoe Association. The primary accomplishment of the InterClub Canoe Association has been the arrangement which the Association has with the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Co., whereby certain privileges and concessions are granted to the members of the Inter-Club Canoe Association. These concessions provide a reduced rate of toll in the use of the canal as well as facilities for acquiring way bills at all times. Under the arrangements provided any member of this Association may upon presentation of his membership card at Willard's Lock [Lock #51] (four miles above Georgetown) receive thereon a way bill to any point on the canal he may designate as far as Edward's Ferry.

The cost of these way bills is charged in monthly statements against the Inter-Club Canoe Association, who make payment therefore to the C. & 0. Canal Co., and the canoeist in turn must pay to the treasurer of the Association, J. Frank Medbury, 909 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. (Walford's) the cost of the way bills used by him within ten days of the date it was issued. The Association cards are obtainable from the treasurer.

The toll rate from Georgetown and intermediate points to Glen Echo and return is fifty cents; to Great Falls and return is seventy-five cents; to Edwards Ferry and return is one dollar.

The annual dues of the Association are one dollar, and the entrance fee for new members is one dollar.

Distances and Locks above Georgetown. -- To obtain the distance from Sycamore Island, subtract six from the number of miles given. Sycamore Island is six miles above Rock Creek.

MilesNo. & Name of Lock
0.0Rock Creek
4.7No. 5 Willard's
5.0No. 6 King's
6.6No. 7 Glen Echo
7.9No. 8 Cabin John
 No. 9 Cabin John
 No. 10 Cabin John
 No. 11 Cabin John
 No. 12 Cabin John
 No. 13 Cabin John
9.0No. 14 Cabin John
12.7No. 15 Great Falls
 No. 16 Great Falls
 No. 17 Great Falls
 No. 18 Great Falls
 No. 19 Great Falls
13.6No. 20 Great Falls
16.0No. 21 Oak Springs Lock
19.0No. 22 Penfield's
21.5No. 23 Seneca Dam
22.2No. 24 Seneca Creek
30No. 25 Edward's Ferry
39No. 26 Rock below Monocacy
42No. 27 Monocacy
47No. 28 Point of Rocks
61No. 29 Harper's Ferry