Snow people enjoy canoeing
and swimming too!

-- by John, Susanna and Polly Membrino

Sycamore Islander, March 2003

Above-freezing temperatures February 9 made for an ice-free ferry crossing as Joe Hage greeted us for our stint as reIief caretakers.

And the melting snow made for perfect conditions to do some snow sculpting. Our intrepid canoeists were outfitted with coonskin hat courtesy of Joe, a cap from the Lost & Found Box, some fragments of charcoal briquettes for eyes, blown-down branches for limbs, and of course life jackets and paddles from the club. Joe helped us sculpt the canoe around Lewis and Clark, as he came to call our snow people. Only two visitors, our neighbors Nancy and Roman, came to the island that day to see the handiwork. But we wondered what the resident wildlife must have thought of these mysterious paddlers.