It's been a long time,
but finally... WINTER.

-- by David Winer

Sycamore Islander, February 2003

The Park Service gave us the green light to skate on the canal.
Until Monday they were trying to keep people off the ice. Last
Friday the police kicked me off the canal, but now they have
posted the "skate at your own risk" signs and the skating is great.

A couple of years ago we had a cold spell good enough to freeze the canal for skating, but this time it was so cold, for so long, that thick ice created a river playground. I stopped by the Club to take some pictures and discovered the whole area was swarming with people. There were lots of kids -- including the adult kind. I ran into several Islanders, among them, Joe Hage, who was obviously delighted by the activities. Our ferry landing offered the best place to enter the river, so the crowds naturally were largest nearby.

The word for this past weekend was ice skating. Starting early
on Saturday people have been skating on the perfectly smooth
ice on the channel between the Island and the mainland.

Are you reading Joe's frequent reports on the Club's web site? If not, give it a try -- this is an easy way to keep current about what's happening around Sycamore Island. The captions for these photos are direct quotes of text extracted from the Caretaker's Log between January 24 and 28.

Yes, we even had a hockey game going on...

...and the sound of hockey sticks hitting pucks
could be heard all day.

Today will be the first day in almost six months
that I won't need a boat to leave home.
Many people came down to enjoy and to photograph
this unusual event.