Applicants and New Members Receive Warm Welcome: Fall Orientation

-- By David Winer

Sycamore Islander, November 2002

Let us gather by the river ...
Over thirty applicants on the waiting list and a smattering of new members turned out for the Fall 2002 orientation program. For the fourth consecutive time, the weather cooperated and we were able to conduct most of the orientation outside followed by a barbeque lunch. Jim Drew (Canoe Supervisor), Joe Hage (Caretaker), Jeff Komarow (Membership Secretary) Tryon Wells (Captain and Webmaster) and David Winer (Sycamore Islander Co-Editor) discussed the opportunities and responsibilities of membership with an emphasis on encouraging participation in club life. Jim Drew also told fish stories and tried to drum up interest in the donated and abandoned canoes for sale on the Island. Jeff Komarow added some bad jokes to his orientation repertoire. Tryon Wells regaled the attendees with encyclopedic knowledge of Island history, and Dave Winer photographed the event for posterity.

Eager arrivals.
Much of the orientation was also captured on tape by American University students who are preparing a documentary on the Island as part of their coursework. The orientation was followed by a barbeque lunch, which included a delicious array of potluck side dishes and desserts.

The orientation could not have been accomplished without the help of numerous volunteers, including Bill Marmon and Sherry Pettie who manned (womanned) the ferry, Alison Levine and family, the Waidman family, George & Shelley Malusky and Jerry Barton, who shopped, set up, cooked and helped to clean up. Their willingness to pitch in shows true Islander spirit.

Some folks know how to have a good time.
Listening to a briefing while the food cooks. Not fair!

Caretaker Joe expounds on the joys of swimming.
Future members meet future members.