Whatta Regatta!

-- By Caitlin DePorter

Sycamore Islander, October 2002

You should have been there! The Sycamore Island Regatta! It was the best! Just as we arrived, Race-around-the-Island was ending. It looked really fun and I wished I was there for it.

Next we did jousting, which is when you go out in a canoe with a partner, and on the pier they hold out a long stick with a ring on it. The point of the game is to spear the ring. The person in the back of the boat steers and the other has a stick that she uses to get the ring.

The next event was the Egg Toss. Me and my dad were on a team. The object of the game is to throw the egg without breaking it. Every time you throw the egg and catch it, you step back one step. The last group standing won.

The next event was another egg event, the Egg Races. Everyone got on two teams and each team was given an egg and a spoon to carry the egg. Each person on the team ran the relay race. If you drop the egg and break it, you had to run to the tree where the woman with the eggs was standing, grab another egg, and start running again. The team that finished first won. Then we did the Three-legged Races. My sister and I were on a team. The strings to tie your legs together hurt, so everyone used bandanas or sweatshirts. We used my dadís sweatshirt. Everyone had to race around a tree, around a second tree where we did the egg race, and back to the starting line. My sister and I fell once, but other than that we were fine.

We also did Tip-the-Canoe at the end of the day. One person goes out, tips the canoe, fills it with water and rows it back to the dock. You try to do it as fast as you can. The person who does it the fastest wins. At the time we started, the wind got very high. One boy went out and was being pushed down the river toward Little Falls dam. He was a good canoeist and he made it back, but he didnít do the contest. His parents werenít there to tell him he shouldnít go. But my parents were there and when I wanted to tip the canoe, they said it wasnít safe.

People came back from the Tip-the-Canoe race shivering. Sometimes the skies were sunny and sometimes cloudy. The air was kind of cold but felt good. The water was pretty cold.

There were a fair number of people at the Regatta. Everyone I met was very nice. I saw some people I met at the orientation last Spring, including Mr. Winer, who asked me to write this article.

I also met the new Caretaker and his daughters, who seem really nice. My name is Caitlin and my sisterís is Kelsey. The Caretakerís daughtersí names are Kelsey and Kaylen. Kelsey goes to Pyle and Kaylen goes to Wood Acres Elementary School. We are both in the fourth grade at Wood Acres!

If you didnít make it to the Regatta this year, we hope you can make it next year!

Caitlin is 9, and aspires to writing and journalism. We hope she will contribute further to the Sycamore Islander. Her parents, Dana Boyd and David DePorter, are on the waiting list.