Old Timer's Day

-- By Rosalie Fedoruk and Renee Dunham

Sycamore Islander, October 2002

September 17, 2002

Today is perfect weather with the river sparkling, warm with a breeze. About 15 of us met for a sumptuous potluck lunch with almond cake with a raspberry sauce, buckwheat side dishes, carrot dips and about 7 other wonderful dishes.

We told stories about mountain climbing and foreign travel. Betty Burchell had climbed in the Selkirks of British Columbia and Mount St. Elias in Alaska, and John Krasny had climbed the Alps, the White Mountains and the mountains in Colorado. Rene Dunham and Rosalie Fedoruk had trekked in Nepal.

Feasting is always a part of the annual get-together.
We talked about the advantages of kayaking and canoeing and how much we would enjoy yet another lesson. Bob Rosenberry, a guest who visited the Island with his friend Greg Custis when they were boys, reminisced about being on Sycamore in the 40's wrestling on a raft and canoeing up the river to Glen Echo in January.

Gerry Barton remembered building Sycamore's tool shed in the late 80's. He said that we had monthly work fests to accomplish this task and he felt that he was living on the Island. It was a special day.

-- Rosalie Fedoruk

And, oh, the stories ...
... And there was more talk that flowed along Leisure River for those of us who were lucky enough to be there. Margaret Custis had a treasury of Sycamore Island history to tell. Margaret and her husband joined in 1948, but if you think that is early, she related that her father-in-law was among the founding members. His five sons must have enjoyed this Island, as one of the brothers was instrumental in enabling the Club to hold its own and not be taken over by the National Park Service.

John Krasny talked about the textile research work he had done. Picture him in a Wolverine hood, half-way up cold and windy Mt. Washington. His task was to compare other hoods to Wolverine, which had excellent properties. The military preferred not to chase Wolverines for their fur.

Jessie Bakeman in the latest "Island wear."
There is no draught. Not if we measure the depth of our pleasure on a beautiful day, the rich experience of our members and friends, the fund of stories to hear and tell, the abundance of good food on a weathered wooden table. I am an Oldtimer’s Groupie now. Sneak out of work next year. You will not want to miss it.

-- Renee Dunham