Sycamore Island Regatta

by Vicki Judson

Sycamore Islander, November 2001

Marcia Loeb, Bill Banta, and George Loeb
are having a good time while running
the show. The way it should be!
On Monday, September 3, 2001, a large crew of Island enthusiasts of all ages joined in the annual Sycamore Island Regatta. Winners abounded and spirits were high, throughout the many competitions. The Regatta commenced with the Round-the-Island Race. The speedy team of Gregg Toohey, Don Pomeroy, and Chris Richards won, with Claude Banta and Serena Shapiro zooming in for second place. Nimble-fingered Thomas and Michael Esch came in first in the Bag Pickup, with Susan and Laura Young sweeping into second. Honors for speediest recovery in Jump-and-Dump went to the talented team of Don Pomeroy, Claude Banta, Bill Banta, and Sherri Pettie. In Lancelot Canoe Jousting, the gold ring award went to Serena Shapiro and Christian Richards, and the silver to the DePorter team of David, Caitlin, and Chelsea. Since jousting is the State sport of Maryland, it made a fitting finale to the waterfront competition.

Phyllis and Doc and others cheer the racers at the finish.
Not all contests took place on the river. Landlubbers also had a chance to test their mettle in feats of skill. The winners of the Tennis Ball Neck Pass (do not ask, just come next year to see for yourself) were Doc, Serena, David, Kelsey, Natalie, Marcie, Phyllis, and Susan. The Egg Carry victors were Mike, Thomas, Jennifer, Caitlin, Dana, Laura, Ed, Christian, and Marijke. Laura and Susan were the unscathed and victorious Egg Tossers. The competition in Balloon Stomp was so fierce and extended that a tie was called between Claude Banta, Jennifer Esch, Thomas Esch, and Serena Shapiro, all of nimble foot.

Not the winners, but running a close
second in the Round-the-Island Race.
This is a tough competition.
After their victories, athletes and fans gathered together to enjoy the sunshine and a sumptuous meal with delicacies brought by the assembled crowd. There were burgers for both carnivores and vegetarians, salads, fresh figs, cookies, and other delights. Even better than the great food was the great company.

Before the victors headed off to the mainland, the Masters of Ceremony, George and Marcia Loeb, awarded certificates to all of the winners, along with prizes for use in camping, canoeing, and enjoying the outdoors.

The Balloon Stomp is an action-packed event.
All who participated in the wonderful event want to extend special thanks to Marcia and George Loeb for planning, coordinating, and leading a fantastic Regatta.

Tension builds for the Canoe Race in Regatta 2001.