Caretaker's Wife's
Midsummer's Night Party

by Doc Taliaferro

Sycamore Islander, August 2001

Face Painting
Despite the intermittent rain, the front cleared through in the late afternoon, and over 80 intrepid Islanders showed up for the Caretaker’s Wife’s Midsummer’s Night Party. The sun later shone and the sunset was brilliant. We know that the primary objective of coaxing children down to meet and make friends was achieved because of the exchanging of telephone numbers that took place before they parted company Sunday morning.

Tee-shirt Painting
As to the adults… well… the party was a raging success not because the Caretakers hoisted the party flag but because so many interesting members showed up and made it so. What we have learned is what a perfect Midsummer’s Night Party would look like next year, whether the Caretakers are here or not.

Kid's Games
Chris Grant and Robert Gelb would be in charge of ferry operations… doing it and signing up others. Frank Daspit and Nell Hennessy would again give canoeing classes… extremely popular this year… and issue the certificates made up by George and Marcia Loeb. Shelley Malusky would be in charge of the arts and crafts program in which all the kids make very neat and very special commemorative T-shirts... so popular it had to be repeated the next morning. Vicki Judson and Jennifer Esch would be in charge of the face painting. Caroline Gelb would handle the scavenger hunt for kids 11 and above. Vicki Judson and Jennifer Esch would lead the treasure hunt for kids 10 and below. The “Husky Men Team” would pick up and move all and any heavy things required. Richard Bertaut would be on duty or supervise the shifts of adults serving as Responsible Adult and/or lifeguards at the swimming area.

Sherry Smith would manage the potluck dinner set-up team. George Loeb would be in charge of the 3 grills and oversee those that interned under him this year. Paul Lang and Susan Elfstrom would spearhead the clean-up effort. Rene Dunham would lead the unique type of group charades that was so popular this year that the campfire program had to be postponed so another round could be played. George Malusky and sons would be the Fire Marshals and be in charge of setting, lighting, and monitoring the campfire. Cindy Bertaut would lead the campfire program. Ned Goddard would lead the nighttime Island walk. Vicki Judson, Jennifer Esch, and Shelley Malusky would coordinate a unique breakfast of French toast made on vagabond stoves.

Canoe class
And if we were really, really lucky, we would get George Loeb to repeat what was by all accounts the most interesting event of the party… his breakfast presentation of a program about Stonehenge… complete with model.

And those of you who let the clouds deter your attendance… eat your hearts out!