Rediscovered: The Club Seal

by David Winer

Sycamore Islander, March 1999

Did you know that we had a corporate seal?

Recently, outgoing Secretary, Holly Syrrakos, the seal's keeper, released the instrument to our incoming Secretary, Renee Dunham. The beautiful antique was not in working order. Somehow, over the years the mechanism had become jammed, likely gummed up from dried-out lubricants.
After passing through various members' hands for possible repair, we used a product known as "Dri-Slide." This is molybdenum disulfide in a highly volatile carrier, which did the trick to free the stuck piston. Now this sturdy gem works smoothly, again ready to validate our club's papers.

Presumably our device was made sometime near the Club's founding. While incorporated organizations still have seals, it is highly unlikely that any are made these days with the smooth forgings, quality, design, and workmanship found in the over 100-year-old "Great Seal" of the Montgomery Sycamore Island Club.